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45.3 Fall 2021
Designing an Instrument

45.2 Summer 2021
Audio Processing

45.1 Spring 2021
Complex Adaptive Systems

44.4 Winter 2020
Spatialization, Sonification, Transcription, and Visual Programming

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Computer Music Bibliography
Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, and Music Perception
Additive Synthesis and Sampling
Analysis/Resynthesis (FFT, PV)
Anthologies of the Computer Music Literature
Composition with Computers
Computer Music Representation and Models
Computer-Based Musical Analysis
History of Electro-Acoustic and Computer Music
Interactive Performance Systems
Interactive Signal Processing
Mathematics and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Multiple Wavetable, Wave Terrain, and Granular Synthesis
Music Languages
Nonlinear Distortion and Waveshaping Synthesis
Physical Modeling
Reverberation, Auditory Localization, 3D Sound
Subtractive Synthesis
Synthesis Using Distortion Techniques
Synthesizer Design and Theory
Textbooks/Sound & E-A Instrument Design
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Composition Systems
File Formats
Instruments & Analysis
New Music Record Labels & Distributors
Notation & Music Publishing
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