Vol. 24 Issue 2 Reviews

ICMC '99
International Computer Music Conference, Beijing, China, 22-28 October 1999
Reviewed by John P. Young and Margaret Schedel
[expanded from the published version]

Interactive Arts Festival
Columbia University, New York, New York, USA, 6-9 April 1999
Reviewed by David Birchfield, Douglas Geers, & Jonathan Lee

Musica Scienza 1999
Centro di Ricerche Musicali, Rome, Italy, 1-2 June 1999
Reviewed by Simone Tarsitani

Georg Hajdu: Der Spring
Wireworks Orchestra, Pumpenhaus Theater, Münster, Germany, 2-3 October 1999
Reviewed by Eberhard Hüppe

Technology and Teaching Music
1999 Annual Meeting for the Association for Technology in Music Instruction, Colorado, USA, 14-17 October 1999
Reviewed by William Hussey

IRCAM@Columbia 1999
Columbia University, New York, New York, USA, 15-21 November 1999
Reviewed by Christopher Bailey, Oliver Schneller, Douglas Geers, Elaine Thomazi Freitas

Eduardo Reck Miranda: Computer Sound Synthesis for the Electronic Musician

Reviewed by Paschall de Paor

Caipirinha Music Architettura Series: Vols. I-III
Reviewed by Kim Cascone

CyberQuilt: An ICMA CD-ROM Anthology
CD-ROM for Macintosh
Reviewed by James Bohn